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Menstrual health

Read all about menstrual cups here

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Worldwide shipping

Read about switching to menstrual cups and a mooncup review here

FDA-approved, CE-marked drug-free relief for menstrual cramps

Livia -no more period pain
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Worldwide shipping


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FemTech products

Track your cycle naturally and discover when you are ready to conceive

breathe ilo -Your fertility tracker

breathe ilo device
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FREE Shipping in EU/CH


6 weeks to fewer leaks

Why You’ll Love It!  You’ll worry less feeling the contractions done for you, knowing you are reducing your leaks while saving time. All for less than you spend on pads each year.

Elvie Pelvic floor trainer

Smart Kegel trainer to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Fun, expert-designed workouts and fast results.

Your most personal trainer

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Free shipping in EU, CH

The Natural Nipple by Nurture

The Award winning, patented + innovative biotech breastfeeding experience to improve mother-baby health and bonding.

Diagnostics kits

Only in Switzerland


Ships to USA/Canada


OsteoTest | home

Find out now if you are at risk of developing osteoporosis

Get 20€ discount with code OSTEOMW20

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Ships to the EU/UK