Depression, Anxiety, Mental health - a quick guide

Haven’t we all undergone situations or phases in life when things feel out of control and overwhelming? Familiar, right?

As we all know, a woman's mental health is closely linked to her hormones, besides other socioeconomic factors. With so many influences in play, it is not surprising that the risk of poor mental health is higher in women than men.

According to research and surveys, the incidence of anxiety-related disorders and depression, in particular, are more common in women during midlife.

By the way, did you know that Depression and Anxiety are different from each other?

Not just that! Anxiety cannot be boxed into typical symptoms or causatives. It is a spectrum disorder that spans phobias to panic disorder, OCD and even social anxiety, which differ in terms of the trigger and presentation.

Here is a simplified guide on how one can differentiate between anxiety and depression, based on inputs from a leading psychologist Dr. Sheba Singh. She has also suggested self-help techniques for mild symptoms that can help.


How do you recognize anxiety?

- Poor sleep

- Worry/Fear

- Confusion/Forgetfulness

- Loss of Appetite

- Anger/Irritability

- Indigestion/Heartburn

- Palpitations/Panic Attacks

If you have these symptoms, know that you are not alone.

Share it with near and dear ones and get help.

Read below about some expert-recommended self-help techniques.