Midlife nutrition consultation

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Wondering, what do you get out of this? Here is the thing,

  1. There are no shortcuts to healthy living. You need to be aware of your changing body needs, prioritize and take committed actions for the desired results. A thorough assessment can help plan a sustainable strategy to address your unique problem.

  2. It takes time to heal the body, so one needs to have patience and a strong mindset in the process.

  3. Small, baby steps taken consistently becomes a part of your routine. So, it is very important to monitor, measure and take corrective actions at every step. 

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A typical diet consultation varies anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What to expect?

  • Get to know the Dietitian 

  • What is it that you want to change or improve?

  • Any specific Food allergy/ Digestive issues

  • Any Nutrition-related health issues like Diabetes, high cholesterol, high BP

  • Emotional eating patterns

  1. What are your currents challenges?

  2. A support system to help you achieve your set goals

  3. Medical Report Review (If available).

  4. Roadmap for future course of action.