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July 30th, 2022


There is enough evidence that being active through adulthood, especially midlife, can greatly reduce the risk of several problems typically associated with old age in women, especially osteoporosisdiabetes and heart diseases, and even dementia.


Are you not someone who is used to regular physical activity at any point in your life? Unsure where to start Or what kind of activity is suitable for you?

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Image by Geert Pieters
Image by A. L.

July 15, 2022


A vast majority of the world (including women) think women are destined to have health challenges during midlife and they just have to deal with it.  


For instance, pain due to period, endometriosis, fibroids or even gut issues are considered “normal” or “must definitely be on the tolerable scale” in several societal and even clinical settings. 


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