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March 1st, 2023

Girls just wanna have...


Being multitaskers, women often set high standards for themselves and strive to be at their full capacity every single day. We all have seen others do it (even criticized?), done it ourselves, know that it takes a toll on us, and yet continue to do the same. 

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Feb 15, 2023


Wishing all of you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

As we celebrate love this month, we thought of making it a bit spicy for you guys.  Yes, we are discussing sexual desire and physical intimacy in this edition. 

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Jan 15, 2023

Happy new year


Have you gained weight around your waist as well? 

While this can be utterly frustrating, it is just the way our bodies work around midlife. With the reproductive hormones fluctuating during perimenopause, our ‘well-meaning’ bodies put out their best efforts to protect the internal organs by depositing abdominal fat. 

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Dec 2, 2022

Unpause, one step at a time


Women spend a third of their lives post-menopause, yet the topic is under-researched and underfunded. This is a systemic problem. Some studies in the US have shown that most medical schools and programs don’t teach aspiring physicians about menopause. 77.5% of GPs in the UK expressed that there is a need to improve training provided on menopause in medical school and GP training.


At Miyara, we believe in talking about perimenopause and menopause at every opportunity we get.

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November 15, 2022

Sugar, honey.. honey


This past week, this is what we tried as a challenge with the Miyara folk on our closed WhatApp group.


The rules were:

- No desserts, cakes and sweets, ice cream, cookies, cakes, table sugar, etc.

- Naturally occurring sugars, however, like those found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products (lactose), are fine.

- Read your food labels.

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October 28, 2022

The ME in Menopause


We strongly believe that a multi-faceted strategy is necessary for us to stay strong and navigate the unpredictable phase of the menopausal transition. While hormonal changes are inevitable during this life stage, it is possible to minimize their effect on our physical and mental health by making tangible changes to our lifestyle. What can stop you from taking charge of your health when you have the right information and tools?

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October 14, 2022

Menopause awareness month


So many women I’ve talked to see menopause as an ending. But I’ve discovered this is your moment to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of everyone else. It’s your opportunity to get clear about what matters to you and then to pursue that with all of your energy, time and talent.”

— Oprah Winfrey.


We, at Miyara, resonate with Oprah’s outlook on menopause. It is not something to be scared of if we prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and most importantly, with sufficient credible information. With knowledge comes the clarity to express yourself to carers and the motivation to proactively seek help or take actions necessary to tackle symptoms.

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Sep 30th, 2022

Taboo Talk


"That’s when all of us hear whispers of a seemingly unwanted guest that might arrive many years into our future. We might even have casually joked with friends about “hot flashes or mood swings”.


The reality is that we are far from prepared. It's neither a dining table conversation,  nor do our peers know enough about it. "

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Sept 15th, 2022


"This is precisely why your menstrual cycle is more than just a reproductive process. In recent years, experts have gathered adequate and compelling evidence to believe that the menstrual cycle can be an indicator of a person’s general health status. 

In fact, this idea has taken the shape of a period literacy movement titled “Period as the fifth vital sign” in some parts of the world. 

Along these lines, we too believe that tracking your period can provide you the advantage of detecting several disorders or abnormalities that need medical attention. We bet you won’t believe how many there are."

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July 30th, 2022


There is enough evidence that being active through adulthood, especially midlife, can greatly reduce the risk of several problems typically associated with old age in women, especially osteoporosisdiabetes and heart diseases, and even dementia.


Are you not someone who is used to regular physical activity at any point in your life? Unsure where to start Or what kind of activity is suitable for you?

 Read more about  what you can do here 

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August 31st, 2022


We have focused on SLEEP or the lack of it as the featured symptom for this month.


“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?”
― Ernest Hemingway


Being one of the first comforts that women tend to forego as professionals and caretakers, sleep is the most ignored health parameter.


According to the latest research, 7 hours of sleep is essential for midlife to age in a healthy way and keep the risk of typical old-age diseases at bay.

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