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Weight gain..poor core strength...muscle weakness...mood swings...

Are these some of the things you are going through?

Pilates Work Out

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Pilates program by Anupama Gopal.

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What is "Unpause with Anu" ?

It is a once-a-week, fitness program. All classes will be LIVE.

Pilates is a whole-body exercise routine with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing.


Health benefits of Pilates

  • Helps increase flexibility, balance, and strength

  • Better mind-body connection

  • Improved posture

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Supports your spine and helps prevent back injury

  • Improves mood

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How does the program work?


After registering and paying, you will have a 

  • You will receive a Physical Readiness Activity Questionnaire (PAR-Q) form so that our trainer can understand your level of fitness.

  • During the program you get a 1:1 call with Anu to answer your fitness questions and discuss your problems.

  • WhatsApp community with daily contact with our expert.

  • Weekly check-ins by our team.



  1. We offer you a FREE call (no strings attached) with Anupama about any fitness-related queries you might have. Book the call here (every Wednesday) -


Great session Anupama! I understood the importance of body alignment for overall wellness. Thank you for the clear instructions and specific feedback. The postures made me body-aware and (feel really tall and) confident about controlling the different muscles.


38-year-old woman

Really enjoyed today's session and I know I've never used so many of the muscles in my body. Your detailed explanation was great . I would definitely like to continue though age is against me and I'm sure with your guidance I will get there . Highly recommended and wish I had started earlier

69-year-old woman

Totally enjoying your Pilates session, Anu! I was looking for an exercise routine focusing on right posture, core strength and general flexibility - these sessions have been exactly what I was looking for. The sessions set me into a great mood and it’s an amazing start to my day here.  Anu’s clear instructions and feedback have helped me. Looking forward to attending many more classes.

42-year-old woman


Pilates roll down

Exercises to help with neck/upper back strain


About Anupama Gopal
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As a Lifestyle and Fitness coach, Anupama is a Pilates Master Trainer and has trained with Lolita San Miguel one of the living Pilates elders in Florida, Michael King and a wide array of renowned Reebok Global Masters.

The Reebok Step Program has been a long-time personal favorite until the iron bug hit her and her current favorite is powerlifting.