Hello, We Are Miyara Women
Gayatri Muthukrishnan
Gayathri Muthukrishnan
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Gayatri is a cell and molecular biologist turned science communicator based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is passionate about making health and science information accessible to all while giving them extra tools to translate the knowledge into active use of managing one’s health. To Miyara Women, she brings her science, her skills in managing projects and being a mother of two, a sensitivity towards women’s health issues. She is also a Bharatanatyam artiste. She combines both these interests and has co-founded Dance Your Science where she explores science through movement.

Sanjana Rao
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Sanjana is a biochemist, a mother and an entrepreneur living in Zurich, Switzerland. She is eager to use her scientific knowledge and expertise to work on projects with social impact particularly in education and health. As a feminist, she is keen on bringing her passion and enthusiasm to issues that directly impact women’s heath, which has led to the creation of  Miyara Women, where women’s opinions and choices lead the way. She brings to the table her infectious enthusiasm, drive, digital and content management skills and networking capabilities. In her spare time, she loves to enjoy music, the outdoors and try out new recipes.

Miyara Women is a women-led initiative, started with the intention of empowering and educating women about their health and healthcare needs while giving them access to the latest products and technologies in women's health.

We want to build on the fact that women go to other women for advice about products and to discuss health information directly, via an online community or anonymously. To this end, we made it our mission to create a resource with information and a marketplace offering products and services related to women's health. This information will not only support other women but help build a sense of trust and community that we are keen to foster. 

The vision that drives our work is the desire to change the mindsets of people - both men and women - around women's health so that it is seen and treated as an integral part of general health, rather than being considered ‘niche’. For this, we need more information, transparency and openness around conversations on women's health.