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Check out our latest webinar about Menopause with Dr. Vikram Talaulikar here

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Your Guide to Midlife Health

Midlife IS a time of change

The emotional rollercoaster, the physical symptoms,
and the stress that you are going through
can take a toll on your health and well-being.

We understand what you are going through!

As scientists, we can help...

Get started on an evidence-backed personalized plan with us

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Here's how Miyara can help


Learn about your midlife health based on symptoms you may have, or through our newsletterblogs, webinars and by using our resources. Contact us for an awareness session in your community.

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Each woman experiences midlife differently. We customize programs according to your health needs. We bring together nutrition, fitness, mental health, and much empathy as we walk with you toward better living.


Women at work silently suffer through menopause or, worse, leave because they feel unsupported. We work with corporates to support their organization through awareness and sensitization about menopause transition, and workshops for women employees. 


Join a group of women for psycho-social support, especially at this life stage. There is nothing better than women empowering women.

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You can also get bite-sized info, for a busy you!

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