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Women's health goes much beyond fertility and pregnancy, it is about holistic physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

As a team of scientists and women,
we bring you factual information on women's health, connect you to experts to guide you through life stages like perimenopause, and introduce you to innovative products to manage your health. 


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Our focus areas

General Health 

Regular health check-ups help detect health issues early. Having open conversations about sexual health.

We bring to you diagnostic solutions at the comfort of your home - from blood tests to breast cancer screening. 

Fitness and Nutrition

Along with nutrition, fitness is core to human function. Keeping the core strong can help in daily activities, boost energy and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Gut Health

Our general nutrition intake and the microbes living in the gut play a vital role in many aspects of health including IBS, immunity, and mental health. Find out more about this and how we can help.

Mental Health

Your mental health is a combination of many factors. It is important to understand them and the underlying causes.  We would like to help support your mental health. To begin with general health, gut health and fitness can help combat many mental health problems. 

What we offer?

FemTech marketplace

Access the latest innovations in products for women's health and services that address holistic women's health.

Health management app

Own your health, track symptoms as they appear and  connect to relevant products and services from our marketplace

Women's health

This is our community - a safe space where women ask questions,  share information,  compare and recommend products and services.

Women's Health Blog

 A blog where women share stories about their health challenges, discoveries and their  personal health journeys

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